Thanks to the Boise Travel Scholarship, in 2005, I spent 3 months traveling in Europe on the theme of Le Corbusier.

From 9 June to 7 Sep, I visited 23 places in Europe including some which I did not expect to go. The majority is marked in the map below.


My journey started from Chia-Yi, Taiwan on 9 June. Paris was the first city I visited, followed by L'Arbresle, Vichy and Lyon in mid France. Then I moved on to the southern France and visited Marseile, Arles and St Remy. Passing by Lyon again, I went to Lausanne, Swizerland and Evian, France, which are on opposite sides of Lake Leman. Then I headed north to Ronchamp and Belfort, France, before I went on to Hamburg, Germany. From Hamburg I had a day trip to Bremen and then went to Berlin, where I spent one week.

After Berlin, I started heading south again. It was a long journey by train from Berlin to Innsbruck, Austria. Using Innsbruck as a base, I went to Salzburg and Melk in Austria, Traunstein in Germany, as well as Venice and Chinque Derro in Italy. This was about the final part of my journey. My flight from Salzburg to London was on 7 Sep and my journey ended officially on 12 Sep when I flew back to Taiwan from Heathrow.
I wish that the selected pictures below captured the moments which I would like to share.

Again, I would like to thank the sponsors and the committees of the Boise Scholarship for their support. This scholarship has brought invaluable experiences and memories into my life.